Withdraw from Moneybookers to VISA card

Hello guys,

I need a little help from Moneybookers users.

Last month I have withdrawn my money to MB just to see what alternatives are there to PayPal. I have confirmed my card to them ( they have retracted 1.xx eur from my card and I told them how much xx was ) and even deposited some funds in the account from the card. But now, I want to withdraw my funds to the card but when I go to the WITHDRAW menu, on the SELECT A DESTINATION tab, there is only BANK ACCOUNT, it asks for the SWIFT and takes 5 days. I want to withdraw on the card like PayPal :(.

Have I missed something ?

I told you not to use MB :smiley:

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probably because they let you withdraw only to visa. Your card is not visa, isn’t it? :smiley:

I don’t have a moneybooker account, I just found the info here:


You can take the money directly from the account balance with their master card at any ATM. Did you apply for their card? :slight_smile:

@50andJACK: lol. congrats on the silver btw :smiley:

@doru I have a VISA card.

@flashedge: No I did not apply for their card. I don’t want another card :smiley:

maybe because in your country they DON’T send money on credit cards :slight_smile:


Now that sucks :D. I will just withdraw to my bank or sped it in the internet, lol. Thanks!

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