$10 fee for Skrill withdrawals

Got an email today from Envato.
Any thoughts?
No such fees on any other agency.

"Due to relatively high administrative costs, we will be introducing a
$10 fee for Skrill withdrawals starting from May/June 2016 (that is,
withdrawals requested in May 2016 to be paid out in June 2016).

There is no fee being added for using Payoneer,
PayPal or Swift. We strongly encourage you to look at these other
withdrawal options if wish to avoid this extra fee.
More information on how to set up your default withdrawal account can be found on our Help Center."


Skrill is the one way for withdrawals to Ukraine.
I am not agree to pay additional 10$.


Yep. And the key words are “Due to relatively high administrative costs”… I mean, really!? What is the next step?

They introduced us to the US tax recently, now this…

Small salesmen, like myself, are heavily affected by this…

Let’s do the small math: If I make 100$ sales in one month, and all of the buyers are from the US, how much money will I earn??? 100$-50%-30%-10$… Oh, I cannot withdraw it to Skrill! There is $50 minimum limit…

What to say…


Well, yes, it was surprise for me too. Skrill is the privilege, just because it’s fees very low and it works in my country. Even though it’s not completely trustful service.
My personal problem is I have 2 accounts on Envato, so I’ll have to pay 20$ and then additional 4$ for withdrawal from Skrill. Have to do the math, cause Payoneer provide 15$ for withdrawal and it can be the easier way for me.

I’m not happy at all, but, I guess, Envato has it’s reasons… So what can we do?

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Recently, some disappointment. Sales fell, demand increased. Now, more commission. Why only skrill?


Fine with me with paypal as well, but I have updated with paypal few weeks agao already and you havce sent the lat payment to skrill account… and plane to do the same again next time according what I can see… so I have paypal as default, but you still use skrill to pay me?
Thanks to have a look!

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Can anyone else verify this? Preferably the staff… Also is this the case for deposits? Cause if so this is unacceptable, So there are alot of people that are using Skrill and we have to pay an extra 10$? How is this our fault? Anyway if this situation isn’t resolved ASAP, Then there’s no way that I will be making anymore deposits to this website. I don’t use anything else besides Skrill. It’s a shame really…

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Well, Envato is the only one company , that struggles with commission to Skrill. Shutterstock = 0 commission, Istock = 0 commission, Fotolia = 0 commission, Pond5 = 0 commission.any other stock site = 0 commission. Nuffsaid. And yes, I use all this companies , meaning I sell stuff and get paid through Skrill. Do you really think we’re all so stupid? 10 bucks is not big money, but really, this is just funny that the huge company like this takes 10 bucks for I would say , personal use. The money we earned are ours. Why would you take any more money from us? Please, explain.


this is only for withdrawals.

Okay thanks :smile:

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Greed! Evrything is being pushed to authors from taxes to this. For swift transaction envato takes 35usd or something like that my bank 20 eur and another bank takes about 40 usd for which nobody informed us ever.

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I have 33%, they have 66% - and they want 10$?



  • more hard submission
  • longer time of review
  • 10$ fee for withdrawals Skrill
  • add green plate with photo on profile :)))
    all this for the benefit of the author))

what the next?)))


A real disappointment!
More math…
If you make $100 monthly, you’ll get from $50 to $10 depending if the seller is from US and if you are exclusive seller.

Now about the Skrill…
Skrill charges $5 per ATM withdrawal + $10 yearly.
Envato charges from 50-70% and now, $10 per skrill payout!

I do not like all this recent changes that Envato added, like US withholding rate, skrill payment fee, etc.

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Its yet another disappointing decision made by envato.

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Guys, if Envato send money on Payoneer I will lost my 2$ or 2% or I receve all my money? Thanks.

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No one not send on Payoneer? All via Skrill?! o_O

2$ is fee as i know

Its really disappointing decision made by envato… :disappointed:

I saw such step by step changes on iStock, do not repeat their mistakes.
It always should be two way benefits. If you want $10 from each transaction, than do something to reduce the impact. For example let us to set up the minimum payout.

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