$10 fee for Skrill withdrawals

Thankyou for info, poberailo. (((

Skrill is the one way for withdrawals to my country.
I am not agree to pay additional 10$.

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Just wondering… Will the withdrawal minimum for skrill still be $50?

All new authors in shock - !!!

Not fair with author. They cut more fee from author, now they get fee withdraw. @collis we’re not agree to pay withdraw fee.


Fucked That

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that would be great that envato thinks about ways to make us sell rather than trying to find new taxes, fees and so on every time so that we have always decreasing money in the end …

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same goes with transfers to bank accounts … 25 $! really horrible , just for a small transaction , they know how to get their share on all sales , too bad that they do not know how to share costs like this with us … partnership is a one way ticket in deed

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Envato is just becoming a bank now. Upload your hardworking stuff on website and forget to get payed. Even normally they hold the money almost for a month and on top of that now taxes, transfer fees & deductions. Skrill never charge for bringing money into their account then why Envato charging for transfer.

Their intentions behind this step is to keep our money for long time because no body would prefer to withdraw $50 or $100 with $10 withdraw fee. Every body will wait for their money to be at least $300 or $400. And you know very well how much time its gonna take for a low selling author. And for that all time Envato will use our money for their growth and in the end we will still face a $10 deduction. “Shame Envato Commercial Bank”!

We strictly demand to UNDO this step.


I agree! For Ukraine, this is the only way to get money! Sales plummeted and they still want to have $ 10? This is madness!

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Planning to be a new seller, which should I choose for my payments? PayPal, Moneybookers/Skrill, SWIFT or Payoneer?

this continues… why envato wants this transaction fee?
It s not fair…