Envato sent money not there where I asked and kept $ 10 of the fee?

Hi. I knew Envato introduces a Commission of $ 10 for sending money to Skrill. That’s why I 2 months ago changed the form of the withdrawal on PayPal. Last month everything worked like clockwork, but this month the money came to Skrill and they charged me $ 10 fee. But how can that be if I have automatic withdrawal for PayPal? even now I go into the settings of my account and there are default settings for a withdrawal to PayPal but nevertheless, the money is sent to the Skrill and withheld by the Commission. What is it? System error Envato or a new way to earn?

hi u should contact the help center , here you are very unlikely to fins a solution to your problem indeed, as for the rest of what u said , are there other things than just problems here now?