Deleting from queue

Hi, yesterday i got mail from reviewer that png+alpha are no longer be supported. so, i got soft rejected issues. there is many items in queue. i would to delete all of them of queue. i do not want to soft rejected for encodec issues. would it be good for me?

yes, you can delete your newly upload item which is in review queue.

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hi, i dont talk about deleting soft rejected items, i talk about item in queue which is waiting for review.


This is Envato Review queue

Hope your item reviews will come soon keep patience.


You can delete it anytime, and reupload later, no issues, I advice you to delete and upload with Apple prores 4444

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I have edited my reply. I thought you are talking about soft rejecetd item.

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Hi, thanks. I have one more question. I render a item with apple prores 4444 codec. But, when i upload on videohive, its system show file is appleprores 422 codec. Is it normal? Or both are same?

Both are not same, but it is Not an issue, after approval you can change that to Apple prores 4444 in the description page, it was the bug from Envato side, it is not reading your file correctly, To cross check go to any of your existing item in your portfolio and click edit tab, you can see Apple prores 4444 listed there, so no worries, you can always change it after approval, I did it last month for my files the same method

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Thanks a lot

Looking at your Portfolio, You have enormous amount of PNG files which needs to be converted to Apple prores in the future, Also Prores is huge in file size, most of the files even with 10 to 20 seconds easily touches the GB

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Yes, I will start converting

@MotionRevolver Does Envato have any plans for converting all existing PNG files to Apple Prores?, Or we have to update. This question is for only for stock video and Motion Graphics section, Existing projects I believe we have to update manually

@StrokeVorkz @Rajibcou I don’t have any specifics in terms of timeline, but Videohive is currently working on a plan to auto-convert these items. Because of the size and complexity, it could be quite awhile though, so you might want to at least begin converting some of your more popular items to ProRes 4444.

IMPORTANT: Once you’ve converted to a different codec, make sure you update the codec settinng in the item description, because the automatic conversion tool that’s being built will likely look for items that are listed as PNG+Alpha.


Again, today reviewer soft rejected the items for listing items for appleprores 422(Although it comes automatically, no option to change during sumbit) Should I manually change to codec list to appleprores 4444

Hi, The items today soft rejected for containing appleprores 422, Actully it is not appleprores 422, it is system bug that cannot read appleprores 4444 items.

As automatic system does not recognise appleprores 4444, should i manually change to encodec list only appleprores 4444 and sumbit?

Can you tell exact reason for soft rejection? You can manually change codec from Prores 222 to Prores 4444 only after approval as of now due to Bug(?) in upload page

I just uploaded and checked a dummy mov with Prores 4444 and yes it wrongly detects as Prores 222

I got soft rejection for wrong listed codec, but there is no option to change to appleprores 4444 during new upload submission.
I got the following messege from reviewer.

“You’ve listed your item as being ecoded with Apple ProRes 442, but that codec cannot contain an alpha channel. Your item appears to have been encoded with ProRes 4444 instead. Please update the item’s details accordingly”

Then you first make the change in description page as Prores 4444 and then update your item,

This is temporary arrangement till upload page system gets fixed

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ok. i will do. but what will be in next new upload submission, ,most of my items contains alpha channel, should i also descibe it item page? and put a note to reviewer? i just would like to avoid soft rejection from next new upload.

You have to contact support and inform them about the possible bug

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