Soft Rejected Items Motion graphic Re-upload error

My item was soft rejected and I made all Changes but then I re-upload my Item is getting error
every times i Upload It stuck in 22%.
My regular uploads is fine…:slight_smile: Can i Re-upload This Item.


Please clear browser cache and try again.
If still problem you can try with ftp.


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remove and reupload with comments to reviewer.
only this way works


i also face same problem, i tried with ftp, but ftp uploaded items show in regular items, not show in soft rejected dashboard. should i also delete and uploaded newly with reviewer comment


had same problems before.
Dont know why, but reviewers never can see new uploaded (fixed) file, if you do that from Edit button.

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I don’t have experience about it and personally I don’t like to delete soft rejected item and upload newly. But I would like to recommend if your item upload start and pause/error after parts of the upload (a like 22%) then you can just click the cross (remove the upload) and try again to upload that file. Also make sure your internet connection and browser is not slow at that time.

It tried several times, it got fails, error not only in 22%, sometimes error 50%, sometimes 54% etc, But my regular item upload is fine.

you can try with different browser and also make the zip named with matching your item name. othrewise you can contact support with screenshots of the issues.

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you can upload via ftp, but you have to use the url instead of the you use for the new uploader.

also, you need to zip the main files.

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no matter.
even if you upload 100% your fixed Item - reviewer will not see your changed Item. Dont know why, maybe a glitch.
Tried browser and FTP… same…

Cannot check that right now, but if this is true this should get reported to support so this gets fixed.
Reviewers seem to be unaware of this problem as they still act like soft rejections can be edited normally.

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