All my items were rejected

Hello! I have uploaded 4 items last 2 weeks and all of them were rejected in one minute. Note, that items were rejected in one minute but first my upload was 13 days ago and the last one was iploaded 3 days ago. What about queue, no?

What wrong with my files? - I thinks it is the same quality of items that were uploaded last month

Here are my items -

Occasionally, items are bulk reviewed per author for consistency purposes. If your items were rejected within 1 minute, that means the reviewer downloaded all of your items and reviewed them all at once. The speed in which it happened doens’t mean your items weren’t thoroughly inspected.


thank you for you reply! Is it possible to know what is the aesthetics level of reviewers? Who they are and what is their portfolio. because I see some simple templates like “dots logo” and I think that my “preview_1” logo is more interesting than it and it is unique for this moment.

MotionRevolver is one of the reviewers so you can check his portfolio.

The review team does it’s best to not review based on personal aesthetic. We have a defined set of parameters that are used to determine whether a project meets Videohive’s standards of visual quality, complexity, and execution.

There will always be a level of subjectivity and human element in the review process, but inspecting a reviewers portfolio (or any other author’s portfolio) might give you an insight into expected levels of quality, but it won’t necessarily help to determine whether one of your items should be approved :slight_smile:

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Thank you) Also it is very interesting for me to know is reviewing collective process or individual? Because girl from envato support told me that this is not the decision of a single reviewer but MotionRevolver wrote “reviewer downloaded all of your items and reviewed them all at once” that has a liitle bit different sense. Also I am not angry - it is just abstract interest))

There are multiple members of the review team, and sometimes collaborative decisions are made on projects.

Ok guys! Thank you for conversation)