Serious Issue in videohive file format on applepro res

Reviewer Soft reject items for appleprores 422 codec. video with alpha channel must be appleprores 4444.

But we upload video with appleprores 4444 codec. the system detects it appleprores 422. and we have also no option to manually change to prores 4444. even if we upload with making zip. it has option prores 422, no option for for applepro res 4444.

What should We do, everytime we will get soft rejects, after soft rejects edit dashboard, we get option for change to appleprores 4444.

will we get always soft rejected from now, as envato does not fix their system bugs.

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Write to support, they can inform reviewers or devs to fix this issue.
I can tag @jamesgiroux or @KingDog as they are staff members and maybe they can escalate this issue to the correct person but forums are not the right channel of communication for this.

Open up a support ticket here.


What category are you submitting to?

Yes they need to fix the uploader to accept ProRes 4444, especially as you cannot output a Quicktime with PNG Alpha since AE 2017.

However I just uploaded my first video element to motion graphics -> elements as ProRes 4444 with alpha, and it was accepted. I think I just tagged it as Quicktime PNG with Alpha but put a note in to the reviewer that it was actually ProRes 4444. I uploaded using FTP.

Have you specifically had a soft reject because you uploaded ProRes 4444? That’s really needs to be fixed, but as I’ve just uploaded something ProRes 4444 and it was accepted then maybe they’re aware of the issue?

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yes, they are now aware of issues, reviewer suggest me to put a note