Dear Envato reviewer team, I just don't understand you

Long story short - hard reject. I know how it works, I got few of them during the last 7 years on hive. I totally agree with AE rejects. The templates were very simple and sometimes out of style. But here is the thing with the Apple Motion rejects: all Apple Motion rejects were applied to the templates, After effects and Premiere Pro versions of which were accepted by the review team and they were selling incredibly well (300+ sales). And now I have faced the hard rejection of the Motion template that is a potential (maybe not the best, but good) seller for the third time. This template was in development for over a month. I should say that Apple Motion is not as comfortable to work with as the After Effects and is at least as quarter as powerful but still, I wanted to maintain high standards of quality in animation, composition and other stuff. I’ve even rendered dozens of particles effects and footages from AE because Motion can’t do particles on a decent level. And of course, before creating the audio visualization template I’ve checked the target audience, analyzed the needs etc. So what are the reasons for this hard reject?

Here is the preview video

Here is what the review team says:
“The item does not meet our minimum design, animation, and technical requirements. We strive to accept professional quality projects, and unfortunately this submission doesn’t quite meet that criteria.”

Okay, let’s try to decompose the rejection reasons and try to analyze them.

  • Does the item meet minimum design requirements? The design looks at least average on the market. There is a whole bunch of templates that look less stylish (including my templates too).

  • Does the item meet minimum animation requirements? The animations are as smooth as silk. All the titles are animated. All the keyframes are eased. Each of them was adjusted individually in order to be in rhythm with each other.

  • Does the item meet minimum technical requirements? Absolutely. Motion 5 and FCPX 10 that is used by everyone. No plugins.

So what is the reason for hard reject here? I don’t get it.

Okay, let’s continue with the reviewer answer:
“When reviewing projects, in addition to overall quality of design and execution, we take into consideration the flexibility, usefulness, appeal to a broader audience and broadcast readiness of the file. Unfortunately, we don’t feel as though this project meets the standards we have set for these criteria.”

Let’s try to decompose this statement too and analyze the rejection reasons.

  • The flexibility: you can use it for animating ANY audio you have. Import the audio file, import your images or videos and you have a fancy 4-K preview. You don’t like template #1? You’ve got 20 more. You can make dozens of variants of your visualization with the help of only one visualization template. All the position, scale, font, timing parameters are published and available for tuning. You can change the size, color and style of the waveform. Waveform represents the exact audio file you use. Want the waveform to be high and harsh? You can do it. Want it slow and smooth? Go for it. And this is for only 1 of 21 templates. What is the amount of variations with 21 of them?

  • Usefulness: How useful is this template for a potential buyer? It gives anyone an opportunity to have a nice looking preview for the audio in order to upload their music to youtube, facebook, instagram, etc. Usefulness increases with the number of holders for the photos of the artist and album. With one template one could make previews for music, lyric videos, podcasts and audiobooks. Isn’t it useful enough?

  • Appeal to a broader audience and broadcast readiness of the file: There is at least a couple thousand musicians who upload their music to youtube. Let’s add here a couple of thousand of podcasters and the same amount of audio books or whatever audio content one needs to upload to social media. Isn’t it broad enough?

So here is the question I’ve got: Which criteria is not satisfied according to the review team? All of them? If so, which quality level do you need the template to meet in order to be accepted? I understand and support the fact that useful nice-looking templates are the most valuable thing on the market and I do my best to release the highest quality content, but I can’t really get the required quality level. Apple Motion is a way more basic tool that AE but envato has the quality criteria for it to be way higher than for AE. Why is that? The amount of templates on the market is incredibly low and I see no reasons to reject such templates as this one I have. Moreover, this happens while other templates that consist of two layers and one blood footage are being easily accepted. Is it incentive to make simple two-layer titles instead of high quality templates? Or is it the reason to leave the Apple Motion market? Dear Envato reviewer team, I just don’t understand you.


Hi, I’m a newbie author and I’ve had some hard rejected items and the email I get is very similar to what you received. I would also like a more specific answer. We have worked hard to meet the market quality levels that sometimes take us months on a single item, and if this item fails, I wanted at least one answer that pointed out my mistakes and not a standard email. I understand what is going on.

Here is nice post: Diversity representation and our community
Second, as I know there are no any mexican reviewers in AE (Premiere and FCPX) category.

On topic: Animation is primitive, design - outdated.

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Exactly what is this supposed to mean?

for example:
once my file was approved (I got email about it) but in real it was soft disabled without any explanation in email.
another file was rejected, because reviewer decided that “car, far far away and 300m below the camera was Vovlo”, but no any plate numbers and car signs was recognizable on video.
and so on…
This is not that quality review that I have to wait for 3 weeks.

Stock footages and AE templates are reviewed by different people. And one of AE reviewers in this topic btw

realy ?
MotionRevolver, nice to meet.
Maybe you can explaine, how to review and approve 10K-65K Items (with dublicates) in a week ? Please.
How they’ve been uploaded ? via HDD inserted to Envato network ?

@SinCabeza You keep going on about those “duplicates” you found a week or two ago - but if you go back and look at the URLs closely, you’ll see those “two items” were actually the same exact item. In other words, they were not duplicates. It must have been a search bug where the same item was shown twice. It happens. It shouldn’t happen, but it happens.

Also, how do you know that those 23k items aren’t part of some partnership that Envato has established with a stock photo agency? I’m not saying that’s the case, as I don’t actually know, but it certainly isn’t impossible and nobody is obligated to tell you if it is or is not true.


I’ve not posted here all the links that I sent to support, but all of them was duplicates, and it was not search erro. One “author” has 1200 Items, now he has 518, but still not completely cleaned up.
But forget about it. Nobody cares. I spent my time for nothing.

I’m not sure whether AE reviewers are in charge for Stock Footages

I’m sure AE reviewers are not in charge for Stock Footages :raised_hand::no_mouth::raised_back_of_hand:

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I think the right answer to all this mad non sense racial issue is not “there are no mexican reviewers”, what if “yes, there are many mexican reviewers”, or from any other country in the world. Does it make the difference? It´s unbelievable that something like this has many answers in this topic but just two of them talk about the main design/rejection issue created by @CinemaEternal. Just one word: Diversity

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you are too much in to search for cheaters, there are cheaters and everybody knows it.

But with your post about “mexican reviewers” is rude. Mexico is great, the culture, food… Mexico City is more advanced than any city in Ukraine - so show some respect and don’t act like idiot. (and I am not Mexican, I just don’t like when someone is rude about whole nation… come on man… ).

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I love Mexico and mexicans, I speak Spanish also. but my accent was on it, because on meetup James told about new reviewers team from another country. And my post was not a rude, just a joke, based on rejections I had.

but some people can understand this like this is not a joke. You are not stupid, you have to watch your words. I have many customers from Mexico, also from Colombia too which are living now in US and have really high positions in companies.

I am living next to you in eastern europe and I know Ukraine very well, great country, that’s why I am not making jokes about Ukraine (you got hard time few years ago, and I know in person many Ukrainians who take a part in war there, so I know what is going on). Sad thing about this war is flight MH17 - many people died, disturbing thing. (all you can search about this flight on google - just crazy thing about this…)

peace man. ;]


I didn’t even think that my post could lead to such problems and discussions. Personally I think that everything depends on the requirements or vision of the reviewer team which is not completely clear to me and maybe someone else, but it has nothing to do with nationality at all. We’ve gathered here from all over the world.

Dear moderators, maybe it’s better to delete the topic? I would be ok with it.

don’t worry - this is only a discussion, we as Envato Authors and all community are from different parts of the world - this is why it’s cool :slight_smile:

man, I also took part in this war. and also bought alot of army staff in Poland, and was wondered when meet in Warszaw one polish guy who was 2014 on Maidan. I do respect to all nations. But I dont like the work of some reviewers, and I know why. Btw, that plane was hit by russians.

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