Diversity representation and our community

We’ve recently launched an article titled Diversity Matters to support and assist authors in creating the welcoming and supportive community we strive to be. Inclusion and diversity makes us stronger, brings us together and makes for a richer life experience for everyone. As content creators and valued members of our community, you can ensure that everyone has the opportunity to feel respected, supported and welcome in the Envato community and beyond.

What do you need to do?

Read through the Diversity Matters article when you have some time. It includes some points on creating diverse and inclusive content, as well as language considerations for item titles, tags, descriptions, titles and previews.

A reminder to keep in mind our community guidelines as you post and, in the spirit of the new article, please be kind.


Thanks for the article, @steve_lam. As for me, I never faced with any disrespectful content on Videohive.

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Thanks. Although as an AudioJungle composer I’m not facing disrespectful content. For me this community is totally open and respectful with small exceptions of single harsh discussions on forum.

BTW when we talk about diversity it would be nice to allow us to upload music with lyrics other than English and Latin :wink:


Thank you for the article @steve_lam ! For me personally, this article did not bring any useful information (this is my personal opinion). But thanks anyway!

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It’s a useful, and thought provoking article. Thanks, @steve_lam

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