Dear friends of the Audio Jungle community

I hope that this thread finds you all well. I am writing to you, the community, as someone who has noticed a slight shift in mood of the community recently. I encourage everyone, and I really do include myself wholeheartedly to be mindful of what we post in response to threads and use appropriate forum channels to ensure that we maintain an upbeat, no pun intended, and positive forum experience for all authors and readers. As a community of creatives we demonstrate our talents on a daily basis but sometimes we need to be a little more considerate of what we post in the forum. I am guilty of posting absurd responses to threads and could be accused of reducing the tone but we all need to be working together as a positive collection of authors rather than attacking or inflaming situations that upsets the balance and experience of authors.
I guess what I am trying to say is let us all ensure that the forum allows us all to be respectful to each other, use appropriate Envato mechanisms where necessary such as help/support etc and let us close the year on a high with encouragement and prosperity for all. Happy New Year.


You can say that again @gballx!
Positive vibes to all!

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Great post @gballx! What I would add to this conversation is, be mindful of not only what you post online, but the way you say it. It’s okay to get something off your chest, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it.

The main reason I’m sharing this is from a customer perspective. Be mindful of how you say, write, and share things online because customers are always listening/watching, even if they don’t respond. I’ve seen the way some authors (across Envato, not just AudioJungle) have posted some strong thoughts and opinions and, I’ll be honest with you, if I was a customer, I might be put off by the way something has been said.

Be honest. Be yourself. But try to frame things constructively/positively. Preserve your integrity and reputation for the sake of your brand where customers are concerned. Hope this helps someone out there. :thumbsup:


In Envato we are the authors who are building day by day with our small decisions, successes, mistakes, opinions this great market of the new Internet economy.

I totally agree with what gballx says in recent forums that seem to have become the “anything goes” instead of all contribute to build a good structure that can be beneficial for all.

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Totally agree with @gballx

And come on! This place is one of the coolest forum and community I’ve ever seen. And let it be the same forever :slight_smile:

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Very good post!!

Totally agree… love positive thinks! :slight_smile: I think this place is amazing… we have all the opportunity to learn constantly, and that’s why this community is a great place!! :smiley:
thank you!

huge thumbs up from me for this post!

Merry Christmas, and happy new beer @gballx and everyone!

Great post and wise words @gballx! Best of luck to you all!