Is the forums really the right place?

I have noticed that recently the number of posts requesting feedback on Audio Jungle has significantly increased, Just a mad idea of mine (sorry in advance) but would it not be more appropriate to have a feedback area that deals exclusively with comments on tracks. I only suggest this so that the forum is more streamlined and easier to navigate between topics. Maybe this area could be moderated by a volunteer unofficial reviewer, not an official Envato reviewer, to oversee the proceedings.


+1, lots of “what do you think about my track” and rejected items needing feedback. Sometimes it looks as this is all the forum is about.

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Yeah, I admit I was also boring with a couple topics seeking fresh ears , I’m sorry for that… It’s better to keep forum clean without that stuff in the way :wink:

No need to be sorry for anything - I was just thinking that there should be a special area for feedback for authors and their music.


not agreed. The forum is a good opportunity to get feedback of your work and keep growing.

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I think that feedback topics are one of the most important in the forum.

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As the Envato people said, some topics rearrangements is coming soon, so maybe they will dedicate a branch to feedback and tracks discussion.

Hey folks,

Item feedback has always been a big part of the Envato Forums, and we know that a lot of authors find it really valuable. But i totally agree that it can get overwhelming, particularly if you’re just not in the mood.

Here’s what we’re doing about it:

In the new structure, “Item feedback” will become a tag within the marketplace specific categories (AJ, TF, CC, GR etc). Users can choose to either search by tags, or to mute them entirely based on what kinds of conversations they want to engage in. We’re hoping that this will make it a lot easier for users to navigate the forums and find the types of conversations they want to participate in.

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It seems the forum is not moderated anymore as its full of authors posting links to their accepted items, earlier known as self promotion. I guess one could mute these threads if they we’re tagged correctly, which they aren’t.



What happened to that rule @matthewcoxy? It certainly looks like these days it is OK to post links to own items in the forum even across categories, e. g. audio/video. Is that so?