I am part of your Envato community as well

Envato, do not forget about me and other AJ authors as well - we are still part of your community.


They’ll tell you that if you are not happy and complain all the time, then this is not the community for you and you are free to leave.

As long as we are not unionized, they take us for schmucks and don’t even bother hiding it.


While we probably haven’t been the most active in replying to community questions in the past little while, we’ve been busy spinning up our new community team and are definitely committed to helping and listening to our entire community.

Granted we have a really big community from all different types of creative disciplines, but we’re going to try our best to make sure everyone feels heard. And while we won’t always be able to make decisions that will make every community member happy all the time, we will try to communicate and explain the reasons behind the decisions we make :grin: