Happy Birthday Envato! Sharing what we love about the marketplaces



JamesVMusic SAYS

Title says it all. Happy 9th Birthday to this awesome marketplace! Let’s wish Envato a happy birthday and share the things we love about the marketplace(s) we sell on! I’ll go first:

My favourite part of AudioJungle? The fantastic, respectful, talented and constructive community! I’ve been on other sites and the sense of community was not there. On AudioJungle I feel like I’m part of one big family of fellow sellers who are always ready to help out and exchange tips. Even though we’re technically competing against each other, it feels like we’re all on one side and in this together. It’s such a privilege to be able to talk to, share ideas with, and learn from all the other creatives in this community.

I’ve heard so many success stories here of how selling here has changed lives. One day I wish to be able to reach this goal. Having goals like this makes me work to make every new track better better than the last!

So here’s to Envato and its awesome marketplaces! Now let’s hear from the community!

  1. How far have you come as an author since becoming an author on Envato?

  2. What are your goals as an author for the future?

  3. And finally: Let’s hear your favourite thing about the marketplace!

Remember everybody, let’s keep it polite and constructive!

Ready? GO!


Indeed, the market envato is the most interesting place on the Internet. On this site I look more often. I’m in the market for 2 years. I have already reached the badge №3. But I’m sure I can anymore. I want this work and to submit their best work.
I want to thank the entire administration Envato and congratulate you on the ninth birthday. I’m sure Envato will develop and I wish success to all the authors and staff. You are the best!


I have come from search engine .
In this time this is my my full time job and going to take this as my Carrier (I am 95 % physically challenged)
All things are good.


NO Arn , not every thing’s good, there are some really great things and there are things to embetter so that this place keeps on being a really good and fair place indeed


hi, this place is great because this is a world wide platform in which authors can sell and meet each other , now let’s face it , this is also people who make the community, if we (authors) do not make it happen, then there’s no community really existing, but this is great that we were given the tools to make sure that we can make it happen and that the staff tries to offer activities on regular basis so that the community u referred to can exist and grow up. I personally just wait for more of a partnership and that all authors can have their opinions taken into account and i know i am not the only one to expect so


Happy Birthday!!! You are doing really great things! :wink:

  1. We’ve been works with AJ account from december 14 (less then 1 year)
  2. To get to the top of the mountain :wink:
  3. Envato market had change our lives… It is inspires our team to make beautiful music without guidelines of customer’s ideas… Only our creations bring us some earnings :smiley:


Happy Birthday!!!
I am very pleased to have found such a wonderful online resource as Envato! I’m still only a novice seller, but what I do - do with the soul and I love it and I hope everyone will like all of my music.

  1. Registered for a long time, but work closely began in May of this year,
  2. It is my full time job (only exclusive) and going to take this as my quarry, go to the top!!
  3. Envato elso has changed and my life in general! Finally, I have a chance to do things that really like. Thank you!!