6 Wonderful Years on the Envato Market


I just want to make a break and thank you for wonderful 6 years on the Envato Market.
Especially thanks to all my Buyers (without you all this won’t be possible), Envato Community, Envato Staff, and Big thanks to Collis Ta’eed who successfully manage the company all past years.
Best regards!
Misel D.


Happy AJ Birthday Misel! Congratulations :birthday:


Thanks but it’s more VH :slight_smile: than AJ


Happy birthday Miseld! Wow, 6 years! I bet you’ve seen so much change in the community and site within this time. Thanks for being here!


Excellent! Congratulations, you are a good example of hard work and versatility :slight_smile:


Thanks, in the beginning
it was hard for me to adapt in my new life style, every single change on Market was important, i still remember my 1st item, my 1st rejection, my first payment, my 1st involvement in Envato Faceted Search beta testing, interviews, exploring new possibilities, collaborations with other authors, analysing every sale etc… I think i can write a book about being an author on Envato Market… and still the hardest part after long 6 years is keeping the position in top 30 Authors on Videohive (makes me proud all the time). In one word it’s not an easy job but i work it with a pleasure!


Then I shall call you Mr. Envato :sunglasses:


Wow! 6 years! Happy AJ birthday, misled!


Congratulations old timer!


Thank you :slight_smile:


Happy birthday…Congrats miseld!!! :slight_smile: