AJ rocks!

Despite recent technical issues, long-standing structural weaknesses and the seemingly eternal flow of unnecessarily negative comments from a handful of users concerning this marketplace, I just want to display my gratitude for this place and the opportunities it presents. No other micro stock venture comes close to the experience and stability that Envato continually delivers, IMO. I’m in genuine awe of the positivity, ingenuity and enthusiasm that the staff and the community contributes, and honestly haven’t had a reason to look back or look for alternatives since the day I went exclusive here. While there certainly are neither any free lunches, nor guarantees of sales, fame or recognition, this ecosystem is unequalled when it comes to UI experience, stability of service, appreciation of its members and the plain fun and games of it all. And still, I have a feeling the best is yet to come.

Thumbs up! :+1::+1:


After being exclusive I went non-exclusive this month to test out what it’s like being a little fish in another big, err…pond…
I’ve hardly sold anything elsewhere so maybe AJ is the best place to keep plugging away. It’s good to hear some success for once!

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100% agree. Unfortunately, it may be so easy to forget (which I did this weekend :sweat_smile:), how cool Envato is and how great are opportunities it gave to us.:slight_smile: AJ is awesome and I’m very happy to be a part of it! :blush:

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AJ is really awesome but review time is too long. They should make it better

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Good to see some positive vibes on here :smiley:

Agreed! :sunglasses: :+1:

Of course it rocks!!! :grinning: I can even say that with my poor, little 3 sales and no views at all but that feeling when I sold first license (Music Mass Reproduction License) was amazing and priceless! Every one of those 3 sales gave me incredibly good feelings :grinning: Thank you Envato & Audiojungle and of course thank you my buyers!!! :grinning:
Best regards! :grinning:

I agree with you mate. Best of luck to u and all others for future sales :slight_smile:

The AJ community is one of the most friendly and helpful communities I’ve ever encountered.

Come on… people…You said terrible things in another thread…please…

After all, i totaly agree…Envato somehow, changed my life, gave me constant chance to earn…So i can’t be ungreatfull :slight_smile: Actualy i am very greatfull :slight_smile:

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Aww shucks! :blush:

Thanks! It’s really means a lot to hear that.


Envato is the place to stay. I found it in 2011 and what a great find!. It is a great platform and ecosystem growing and developing continuosly. It’s always on the way to look for new ideas to satisfy the market and customers.

That I’ve got to see yet. To me it’s been a headache so far, to put it mildly.

+1 Stockwaves. Despite gripes and growing pains, Envato is “Still the One.” :thumbsup:

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The fact is that in envato gathered the really good people who love their work. Thank them.

Agreed, AJ does rock!

There are certainly aspects to AJ that I personally appreciate, but I don’t find this sort of ingratiating post helpful, when we have/had serious issues here at AJ that affect the majority of authors (most of which are not elite), that seriously need addressing NOW. If you inspect those threads that you mention, you will see a huge amount of authors who are frustrated and feeling let down. Let’s have some solidarity. Please also try and look outside your own perspective and respect others who may not feel at this time that AJ is ‘rocking’.

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Let’s say you always go to small bakery stores. Their prices are high, but they have bread, oh boy, nice quality. Now another BIG bakery opens up in your town. The prices are signifficantly smaller (let’s say 10%) of what you’d pay at your old bakery. You have no idea how it is possible to have such low prices, they would even make even more profit if they would take 50%, but they seem to have no idea about the current bakery landscape and their prices. You think: OK I love my old bakery but I have to check this out. What a fun bakery store, colorful, easy, fun, but I’d like to stay at my old bakery. Now you’re going back to your old bakery and you notice that they are closing down. You go in and ask the Baker: Hi Mr., why is it that you are closing down? He says: It’s this new cheap bakery. We can’t compete. All the bakerys in town have to close down and many of them got hired by the big bakery. They love beeing a baker, but they get 1/10 of what they used to earn. That’s sad you think: I really like the new bakery.


You can seek solidarity without bashing someone for speaking how they feel. It is within everyone’s right here in this forum to express themselves. Let’s try to keep it cordial and supportive, which has been one of the hallmarks of this community.