Reasons behind a hard rejected project

We are a French studio of motion designers. We are regular users of Envato, especially Videohive (+$10K spent in the last 5 years). We would like to sell our own assets on Videohive. Here is an AE template that has been hard-rejected by Envato. Can experienced sellers provide some feedback to help me submit a 100% compliant project? What is missing? What could I do better?

Here is a link to our project : Phone template project

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hellow! Just show your video preview here. You don’t need to share the AE project

OK ! thanks !

Here it is :

What do you think ?

Too simple, too repetitive, icons don’t have animations, the phone is 2D… which would be fine if it looked somewhat stylistically sophisticated, but now it comes of as “blah” low effort phone graphic. The whole animation seem too static, transitioning from one slide with animated text and images on screen to another. There’s no cool transitions, or idle animations, or slow camera movements between all the scenes which would make everything look more lively, dynamic and awesome :smiley:

Look at something like the top results here:

Then back at your animation, and reevaluate if you really ever had a chance of getting your project approved, when the competing authors have templates which really well execute all of the things I mentioned above, that your project lacks in and then they maybe even go the extra mile and add some unique really well-done editing to music or bring some other nowel ideas to the mix.

P.s why do you need 4 tutorials for this template? :smiley: I can’t imagine any customer wanting to watch 4 tutorials just to use one template. Either consolidate everything into one tutorial as to not to scare off customers by the perceived difficulty of use (cmon 4 tutorials!! it must be soo hard to use if I need so much learning to do). That one line of 4 tutorials does more damage to you than good marketing I think :smiley:


Thank you a lot for your feedback, I understand now that the problem is the graphic design and the motion design, we will try again with a much more sophisticated product!

We were so focused on the usability that we forgot about the main idea: having a nice looking template!

Thank you again for your help!

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