REJECTED! Is it that bad? Pls help


Hi all,
I recently uploaded the title animation pack of 24 titles. But it got rejected and before that I uploaded a template for Christmas which was rejected too with the same reply "Regrettably the Help and Quality Teams are unable to offer a critique or feedback on your rejected submission."
They didn’t point out anything specific so that I can improve on the lacking areas. Its really disappointing to revive the same reply from Envato help team. So guys please help me detect the weak areas and guide me so that I can be a part of Envato sellers community. following is the link of the project that I had submitted:


I’m no motiongraphic expert.

I like the ideas for the titles.
But the animations are not consistent enough on some of them. For example the title starting at 0:07, the different text lines start and stop their animation on uneven timings, it seems almost patchy.
Another example is at 0:57, the out animation of the text lines does not seem smooth.

If I’d had to put it in musical terms: The “rhythm” of your text in and out animation is not on the beat :smiley:


hi for me this is not a problem … this is also depending on the importance of the content and the bulk of content that u have in each “segment” also. Indeed, we can understand that there is a variation in the rhythm according to me


hi buddy, i really like your animation for me this is modern and cool :slight_smile:


Your animation seems great to me. I really have no idea to explain the hard reject.


I like your animation. Maybe reject is because of smoothing (text/shapes) or text alignment in the shapes. Sometimes items can reject because of simillar items. This is not mean your item is bad I think. You should try different things. :slight_smile:


did you upload it with that sound?


@Creattive No I didn’t upload the template with this sound. My intent was to provide individual title for the user and not the complete sequence at one go.


@widekeys I will consider what u said and try to work on it


@n2n44 Thank you for replying on this appreciate you comment.


I was asking because you obviously cannot use watermarked sounds from other stock sites in your preview.


@Creattive I request if you can please re check the video its with the same sound that I have uploaded before on videohive


I understand that completely. I had used a background music from here is the link of it


I think really well done… as above, just a couple tweaks & your there…
Not a fan of that colored background… might be more professional looking to put it
on muted/darkened photo or video background.


@moveNshake Appreciate your comment. I will consider your point.


I like your titles, I also have an item ”24 Titles” that just got approved about a week ago. My first two attempts went hard rejected. I worked overall about 4 months (a few hours/day) on the project and all can I say is that you need to come up with little somethig extra to stand out from the tones of titles here. I don’t know what but I came up with the smoke. check my profile for preview. don’t give up!
by the way, I like your project as is.


@baab_envato Thank you for the your comment. I will check your profile and try to improvise my project and as u said I will add some unique design to it so that it will stand out.