Videohive Reject Feedback


Hey guys I just had a reject (and I think it really stands the market standards.)
I spent alot time building up these compositions and I want it to be approved.

Youtube Preview:


Hi Wesual,

this is my opinion, no offense and respect for the time you spent on your project : Unfortunately the main theme of your project is old. Some are good but not sufficiently highlighted and others are too simple.Si you take the time to look at the projects animated text today. Each text animation is different and demonstrated dynamism and inventiveness :slight_smile:

All these lines do not necessarily put your text in value, I think you should first you concentrate on the text to give it a new dynamic to show Envato that has your project is unique. you could create a dozen text animation all different and innovative compared to what exists on Envato today and accept the work that has been rejected have helped you to improve your skills on After Effects :wink: