Please, help me understand the problem with my item

A video of it working

This is the first motion graphics template I ever tried selling, and all of the elements are fully customizable, every single thing.

I don’t get why it was rejected, and I’m not sure I have just uploaded with bad description, etc.

I’d appreciate some feedback.

It’s not about the description, the main reason for rejection is the animation and the design, the animation is too slow and the design style is outdated.

You need to improve your skills in design and animation.

Good luck with the next project :+1:

Thank you for your feedback! I figured that could be the cause, so I’m already working on improving all of it.

I just got a little confused because the rejection email I got was very vague about what was the actual problem, and it also talked about the new Watermark, and I honestly didn’t even know there was an older version and/or how was I supposed to use it until I read the email.

Btw, any clear examples of how and when to use the watermark?

If you are selling templates, then using a watermark is not mandatory. But if you are selling motion graphic items or stock footage, then a watermark is required. Although, you don’t have to add that. Envato will add that automatically in the uploading process.

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