so frutrating not getting a clue on hard rejected item reasons

Hi there, as suggested in the rejected item email, im asking you an oppinion on this. My item was rejected, it was a version of an older item, different enough, quite different i think. all ideas and comments are welcome. thank you guys.
by the way, in the email envato team informs me regarding “new” watermark refering me to a post dated 2018 . as I understand the videopreview files of AE project do not required watermarks as used to . it is extremely confusing

" The following categories DO NOT require watermark in the preview videos:

  • After Effects Project Files"

That’s not my expertise ( VH ) but the video looks pretty generic. Circles and squares are not completing each other as it feels you added the circle images to make the video look full.

If you could’ve posted like couple of years ago, you may have a chance but I don’t think this approach would work now.

thanks for reply

Hi, first to clear the confusion about watermark - you do not need to add any watermarks for AE projects or their previews,

As for the project, I suggest reading this great article: Meet Our Team: Tyson Frantz, Motion Graphics Reviewer | Author Hub

And to quote it:

In your opinion, what makes the perfect motion graphic?

There really is a simple, tried and true formula to creating great motion graphics content. All excellent motion graphics share 3 traits:

  1. Visual quality and expert execution
    These are paramount to any motion graphics item. Regardless of how simple or complex the design, concept, or animation might be, it’s important that it looks high-quality.
  2. Uniqueness
    The best items provide something fresh and new that customers may have never seen before.
  3. Broad audience appeal
    At the end of the day, selling items is the point, right? The best way to increase sales is to create content that might appeal to a larger group of potential customers.

Now lets rate your project according to these traits:

  1. It looks in the middle of low quality and great quality. The animations are smooth and the design looks for the most part cohesive. But there’s no photo animations, no advanced text animations. All the designs and animations of the scenes are the same just flipped horizontally in each other scene, to create an illusion of “variety”. The logo has no animation too… So all in all your project doesn’t meet these minimum quality standarts, that most of newly approved project do meet, or if they don’t meet they maybe compensate in other traits.

  2. The cube design elements are in a way timeless and can always look great and “fresh” if done right, and incorporated in some combination of animation that overall looks unique. Your designs look good enough I guess, but not super unique either, and then you just reveal and animate them in the most basic, already done way. So again, overall you get no bonus points for uniqueness.

  3. I guess your project does meet this trait, so at least thats good :smiley:

Overall, in my opinion, 2 out of 3 traits were not done up to current standards, so you got rejected.


Hi there, I would like really to thank you for taking the time to write such kind reply.
Even though I agree in a few points, as well as I desagree on others, i defenitely will try to embrace that this will happend from time to time, taking this as a wake up call not to get too comfy (though animations are not flipped here , i was trying to balance out the continuity ) and more importtant. try not to get discouraged, which is the hardest part



good design and animations, try make new item not need to use watermark for preview as said @Atamotion

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thank you !