Cubase question: transform MIDI CC type from one type to another

Hey all,

Does anyone know of a way to permanently convert the type of a given MIDI CC to another type? Here’s the casus:

A while ago I created some string related stuff, which uses various CCs for controlling expression (i.e. CC1 modulation, CC11 Expression). I did this for a specific lib. I now want to ‘port’ this to another lib, but the different controllers have different functions there. So I need to transform existing CC-data to another CC-type. Seeing there’s a lot of curves going on, doing all this manual would be time consuming. Seeing it’s just byte data, I figured there should be a way to do this in an automated way. For example: I’d like to permantly change all CC1 (Modulation) values to CC11 (Expression Values). Permanently. I don’t want to “live remap” them, no just permanent data conversion in the MIDI-data.

Now I’ve looked into MIDI Logical Functions but I cannot really get it to work. My idea for there was to “transform” the first parameter to 11, if it equalled 1. Does anyone have a clue?



Never mind, got it. Permanently converting one CC controller type to another CC type is indeed done through Logical Functions, but you’ll have to freeze them. I forgot about the “Freeze MIDI Modifiers” command.

As far as I’m concerned this topic can be locked/removed. It sucks to be wrestling with something for quite a while, then ask for help on some forum, only to then suddently realize what you’ve been doing wrong.