Rename Midi CCs in Cubase?

Hi all fellow AJ Author who use Cubase as daily DAW

Need some help with CC’s in Cubase is it possible to rename Midi CC’s are called? maybe CC1 (Modulation) to CC1 ( Cutoff A) as an example,
sometimes It’s confusing find the right CC’s lane in Midi editor especially when working with complex arrangement with lot’s CC involved.

If not how you deal with such issue?

Thanks for stopping by :wink:

Hi, there seems to be less Cubase user here.:thinking: Well it’s 2 years ago when I switched to Studio One, and I know that it wasn’t able to rename midi cc’s. But I can’t tell you if they perhaps implemented the function in the 8. or 9. version.

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Hi @FOXYAudio thanks for reply, it seems few people using cubase, i’m using cubase 9.5 pro btw,been searching on other forum and got the answer but to this day steinberg still not adding this feature, it’s soo sad really for a quite expensive DAW and one of the oldest out there , this simple feature still unavailable yet.

Thanks for reply

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