Need Some Help With CC setup In Cubase

Hi guys,

Did anyone knows how to rename CC Control in Cubase as an example: CC25 rename to Filter , CC 27 to Wet and so on.

It’s a bit confusing when assign a dozen automation control without clear guide just a list of number and most of the time i’m forgot which one is controling the modulation and other FX , every time i do is look at the Vst which one is active when i slide the automation.

If the project is not too complex it’s fine but when dealing with lots kontakt instruments it can be a time consuming tasks.
It’s a major problems i face since the first time i use cubase try to google it but didn’t found a useful tutorial. Did it possible guys ? thanks for drop by and help, Much Appreciated :slight_smile:

Unfortunately you can’t rename CCs in Cubase.


I hope they can sort this issue on the next release, thanks for your feedback :smiley: