Kontakt MIDI control

Is it possible to record automations for Kontakt knobs without using a hardware controller?
Right clicking the knobs shows “Learn Midi CC# Automation” option, but I can’t find a way to put it into use.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Yes, it is. On the left side panel, there’s a “auto” tab at the top menu (Files, Libraries, …, Auto). Click on it and you’ll see parameters listed as “not assigned”. You can drag and drop any of those controllers on any instrument knob. The rest depends on your DAW. You’ll need to browse parameters to find the one you just assigned on a knob.


It works!

Thank you very much!

But how about Pitch and Mod wheels, can they be automated too?

Yes, but it’s again in your DAW’s domain. In FL studio, there’s a top menu on the Kontakt vst wrapper, you click on it and select “browse parameters”. Then Fl studio lists both normal midi controllers (mod wheel, sustain, etc.) and the other assignable parameters of that Kontakt instance.

It might be totally different in your DAW, though.

Thanks! You’ve been a great help.

Soundengine’s way is correct, but the other way which you were halfway to getting is by:

  1. Right clicking on the parameter in Kontakt. You did this.

  2. Click Learn Midi CC Automation. You did this.

  3. Twiddle the knob, or move the fader (or mod wheel or whatever control you want) for what you want to assign. Once you’ve moved that controller by the tiniest amount, it will then be assigned.

  4. To check that this worked correctly, right click on the same parameter, and the CC you assigned should now appear.