Catastrophe in May 2019!

I just want to chime in with my short experience with Content ID.

Last year I registered half of my tracks in Content ID, the more unique ones mainly, those that I feel more “personally attached” to. Months went by and saw that my Content ID tracks were actually selling the best, could be coincidence of course (or maybe just because they are more interesting), but I decided to register more of my tracks just for the reason that my more steady sellers were registered.

The last half a year or so I have been receiving merely cents in AdRev (the content ID provider), based on 2-4 registered video uses a month ish. BUT the last registered month suddenly I had jump to 60 + videos registered earning me around $16. Still not much but definitely promising development in a revenue stream I have had very low expectations, and especially fun to get links and see where my music have been used, and yes obviously a lot illegally, quite a few gaming videos.

But since every Content ID track is plastering my author name and track name in the illegal use description + giving at least some kind of revenue based on the views I see this as great promotion. I do not know where they have gotten my music from. I have been spreading my music around to several sites the latest months but I also started uploading a track to Youtube every week a couple of months ago. I have very little subscribers/views so far, so it seems weird that these people found my tracks at my Youtube channel, but who knows.

Anyway, I definitely see the challenge with content ID that some buyers (and stock sites) get anxious about the clearing process. Hopefully in the future this process can be a more streamlined effortless thing, which it should be.

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I just watched this and my decision to join AdRev way back was such the right thing and revenue does increase -


I get quite big earnings from CID ($1,000+ per month) which of course is a very nice bonus every three months. Earnings have grown lately, which I think partly is because of increased advertising on YouTube. I now almost always get two ads before each video, instead of one a year ago.

BUT… I don’t really like the way it works for us small independent artists. We don’t have much control, and it does of course annoy a lot of YouTubers. Obviously, I’m not ready to give up thousands of dollars just like that, but I register far from everything so that I also have a collection of CID free music.

If we could just see matches in real time and decide “Ads on” or “Ads off” for each match, directly upon detection, it would be a completely different story. Waiting 2 months to see results is not great…

It’s usually quick (hours) to release a claim if I get an e-mail, but for big YouTubers, that is already too late… That means they resort to using other music. And that in turn results in strictly non-CID libraries taking market share from Envato.

If CID didn’t claim the entire video, only a percentage, I think things would be much different and we would probably see higher earnings.

As always, a healthy mix of strategies and methods is probably what works best in the long run.


Wow, 1k a month, thanks for sharing. Thats certainly some inspiring content ID information.

I think the strategy of a having a small selection of CID free tracks might be good. I see that many of my registrations come from Gaming channels in Asia, and I have started selling licenses in Asian sites last months, which have an unlimited use policy so I guess thats a reason why I am seeing an increase suddenly. That gaming channels buys a license and then uses it in multiple sweaty 9 hour gaming videos with ads on.

But yeah it will be interesting to see how this plays out in the future, I have hopes that more sites will be forced to streamline content ID clearing in an effective way… some day.

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Hello! It’s terrible. I don’t have much sales at all, since I m to AJ recently. and in May only 1 too.
I saw this video.
What if using a multiband compressor through a side chain when applying a watermark? In this case, digital watermark removal is no longer so easy.

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The simplest removal of a watermark! Here. :slight_smile: :point_down:

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Any interference with the audio file affects its quality. I doubted that after removing a watermark, the quality of the file will remain at its best. So do not worry

@LapAudioZ Thank you for your message! But let’s go back to this topic!
All questions on the audio watermark, I have indicated in my post above!
Thank you for understanding!

Yeah!! Envato’s authors have now made over $750M in total community earnings! “But Not For Me”


I understand your thoughts, I would really like to agree with you, But I must tell the truth, Only this can give an objective perception.

For me, the month of May was very even profitable, this is personally in my case. It seems to me that many authors and whose sales are good and if they increase they do not report this on the forum, because this may seem like a boast. Many successful authors do not even go to these posts, because they have a lot to do besides all this, I think. Also, if they even read, they do not want to go against a large number of negative comments and they just close the page. Therefore, it that objective perception is lost.

Personally, I do not see much point in talking about low sales here, because it does not help the situation.
I would advise you to make a schedule for yourself and work constantly gradually increasing the quality, the quality of the content is very important, once I called one track incorrectly, but it still sold, after I corrected the name, it sold even more.

Of course, we all observe a drop in sales, but there are people who make good money even on these difficult days

If I offended you with words, Sorry I didn’t want to.

Good Luck!


@SmartSounds Hi, thanks for your feedback and support! Because income for me this month is 6 times lower than usual, I seriously thought that this should not be (working at a loss here and it is not clear for whom). While I am waiting for the status of non-exclusive (it remains quite a bit to wait), but since I left without a salary here in May, I no longer consider this a serious place(AJ) to make money.


The worst month in last three years… unbelievable

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5 years, $1k from 6th level, and I am done with exclusive here. Too much effort I put into nothing. Uploading my stuff to the void is not really motivating neither profitable, and Envato does not support niche authors at all.
Enjoy your upbeat & uplifting inspiring indie ukulele folk corporate party here. :wave:



You are right!

By the way, I don’t know why no one paid attention to this, but one post from one author made me think, is this also some kind of experiment that takes place not so often (1 time in 1-2 years? Well, something like screening.

I checked all the links and I think that this is something like “selection of new groups of authors”.

If you do not understand what I am talking about, explanation: The paradox is that every year a certain group of authors write about a sharp decline in sales (and this reduction is unreasonable). Well, for example: the author lived for himself, worked for Envato, and suddenly in one month he earned 6-10 times less than usual, although this author uploaded items as much (stable and nothing foretold the failure of the sales). This is in my opinion schematically (or automatically) if you conduct a study and every year if you believe the data on the links above.
Something like that: “let’s make money this month (others will be added next year) for a gift to the boss (another group of authors will earn faster, more reliable)”.
Just my thoughts! What do you think ?

I think you want this to be an answer to this frustrating time but really I suspect the market has shifted.

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Yes, sadly I agree. Since Envato are persisting at giving exclusive artists the finger by continuing to advertise the competition all over their items and refusing to engage in any kind of conversation about it, I guess it’s time to talk with the feet. My advice to all who’s sales have plummeted this last 6 months or so is to unexclusify your butt and spread your music all over the internet. As long as you avoid those exploitative subscription models and ask a fair price for your goods, I’m sure that you’ll find out that Audio Jungle isn’t the be all and end all of stock music market places.

Hi @gballx! Thank you for your reply, I always respect your opinion!
But this is repeated every year systematically (this is indicated by the statistics of the data in the links to the post of the author, above). I tend to doubt.
The market has certainly changed, but there are some things that we have not noticed before.

Well if that’s true, then it’s obvious that I am not in the “Happy AJ authors 2019” list :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: lol

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Hi @criskcracker ! Thanks for your reply!
We need to look for other solutions, because the work that the authors here should also pay off and something to earn. It is easiest to leave (to give all our merits and achievements here to another market called “Elements”!)

No! We must fight!:facepunch:

By your logic: “Come here and help the market here, and then fail with anything (it doesn’t matter that you contributed here (worked for 2.5 years or someone more), you have no right to say something against the market, get out! Come to the second market and also get out!”
We need to fight here, we are not the “last” people here! I think so!

Just know one thing that the authors have made this market so successful, Envato has no items at all (all items of authors here (on Envato)!

Just my thoughts! :slight_smile: