I am Mario Hernández, author for more than 7 years in audiojungle

I usually sold a mean of 10 licenses per month until january. In january and february I have only sold one license.

I have not sold a single song in all January.

I would be very grateful if anyone has a clue or the staff suggest me what could have been modified or could be happening by the side of envato that could explain this sales drop.


I want to make this win win situation the more profitable for the both of us, Envato and we as authors in the future. I am concerned for this sudden drop of sales without any movement from my part.

Receive my best wishes from Spain



Hey, that’s an interesting subject.
Are there genres that tend to get more traffic? Or is there a general rule or special occasions?

Maybe there are other factors that cause that drop in sales, no idea tbh.

The growing popularity of Envato elements.


Hi ! :slight_smile:

Obviously Element is one of the guilty of our lack of sales here on AJ !

But, I check your AJ portfolio , and as me, your items number is very low compare to other author, you can also add that your last upload was in 2018 !

So to make your Musical portfolio a little bit more living you have to upload on a very regular basis,
The author number have increase a lot so it’s pretty hard to give visibility to your item. But it’s not impossible,

So I think in your case this is one of the best reason to explain this lack of sale,

But we can’t deny the other reason like ELEMENTS, increasing number of author etc etc !

I hope this help,

Have a nice day and KEEP THE FAITH :slight_smile:


Thanks for taking the time to write and express your optimism and good vibes.

I am sure Elements has an effect in organic sales in author’s Community, and I share your view, however, my attention was oriented to the fact that before the 31 december 2019 I made almost a sale per day, and after 1st january, without any further action on my side, I got 0 sales for almost 35 consecutive days.

I wrote this post to denounce this, as I have not been notified of any official change from Envato’s side in Audiojungle’s search algorithms, or anything similar that could affect and decrease sale’s performance.

Audiojungle and each marketplace is a win-win solution where authors go hand with hand with Envato, growing together. As a show of respect to authors, in front of any change in the system that would affect the sale performance, I expect a notification to the other part, the authors. Even if the result of the action taken by Envato will decrease our sales.

Selling in Audiojungle is an opportunity subject to changes. But after being more than 7 years selling music in Audiojungle, I would be very grateful if, before any change, a brief note alerts me of any search algorithm change or similar.

It’s easy to think that to have received the drop of sales january the 1st 2020 can be perfect date to change something in a big system as Envato. I write here to allow any part to contribute what they feel necessary to share.


My friend. This is a pity that this happening to you… It happened to me to. I remember times when i got more then 700-800 USD from my main account. Now the sales have dropped dramatically, moreover, ENvato has revoked my upload rights and i cannot upload now anything…

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Same here. Even though I didn’t exactly sell as much as you did, throughout 2019 I was selling at a constant pace with few slowdowns, and my number of sales and earnings were on the rise for a second consecutive year. Then since December no more sales. Except one in February. I have had a similar experience in 2017. After 2016 was my best year ever both in sales and earnings, 2017 was my worst ever since I joined Audiojungle in 2010, with month after month of zero sales. I’m afraid this year will be just like that one, and that is terrible. I have no idea what changes are being made on the market, but it seems to be killing sales for everyone.


same thing, i started in 2016, and 2016 and 2017,2018
were OK. then- it became SO HARD to do some descent money… close to not worth it.

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Envato Elements kills the sales… Why would the client buy the track for 20 bucks, when he can buy the subscription for these 20 bucks and download tracks for free for a months???