Can this WP Theme be approved on Theme forest?


can this WP Theme approve on

Demo link:

please tell us if exist any problem or suggestion in this?

thanks a lot,


With respect there is absolutely no chance.

You need to examine popular themes here and gauge the necessary attention to detail, features, functionality etc.


Thanks for your time and suggestions but last time when i submit my theme and rejected

“Themeforest requires the design not your coding. if you fail in terms of design They will hard reject you. if you fail in the terms of coding they will soft reject you”

I got the above solution,so is there any issue with current design?

So can you please let me know what kind of attention is needed in terms of functionality etc?


Who said?? A reviewer?!

With respect you have issues throughout and it would take too long to give practical feedback.

If you look at other popular files in terms of design quality, pages/features/demos that are available, etc. This will give you an indication of what is needed to get approved. Just as an example look at with hundreds of UI modules, rock solid coding, numerous demos, and clean/professional design. This is where you need to be aiming for.

Right now there are hundreds of free themes out there that offer more and better construction.


Thanks for reply and an example given which elaborates the answers to my quires.

Sure I will look forward and start working.

Thanks again

The thing is it is not about specific issues - you need to understand the fundamental approach and expected standards above all else

A few points, but again the issue is with broader composition and execution

  • design basics doesn’t work
  • footer widgets look messy and broken
  • navigation doesn’t work
  • copied header and footer from

On a side note I presume you have the right cienses to include the Brizy plugin within a commercial project?