Anybody help me to figure out the reason of HARD REJECTION IN WP THEME

Hello, This is my first theme in themeforest and didn’t expect this rejection at all. Please take look and help me to know what are the mistakes in my theme design. I have three samples please take a look each one and help me to figure out the problems. After understanding this errors I will be started with another theme for themeforest. It has good animations and designs. I don’t know where is the problem. Please help me…

Any Advice expected as a starter please…

Sorry but you are way off.

  • Basics like typography, hierarchy, spacing all need a lot of work esp in widgets

  • Design feels very basic and outdated no to mention unfinished

  • Category links are the same layouts etc. as the home page and some have no posts

Take a look at big selling items, the attention to detail and quality of design, flexibility, features etc.

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Thanks for your reply Mr. Charlie. Would you please advice me as I am new here. For example, where should I focus more and something more else

If you are a developer but not really a designer there are a lot of people on ThemeForest making PSD’s looking for people to help convert them into WP themes, you could try reaching out to see if anyone wants to become a partner.

It could be helpful to use something like “Material Design” and follow the design guidelines to create the site and keep everything clean and nice -

For inspiration, looking at top sellers is a good idea but also sites like Dribbble provide some good inspiration. You can also search for articles about “web design trends” such as this one - - which may provide some more ideas.

Design is one of the hardest parts of making a theme that will not only get accepted but also sell. The reviewers have a keen eye and when they reject your item in some cases even if they had accepted it, it may have not sold. So all you can do is keep working on it and your skills will improve over time :wink: Our first theme was rejected like 6 times!

Hopefully this helps a bit, good luck with your portfolio!

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Really Thanks one more time. You guessed right thing. I am actually good developer. But probably I have lacking of ideas about theme designs. I am really want to work on themeforest with any partner or alone. If you know anybody who want to work like that, may be html or psd template developer, who want to work with wp-theme and plugin developer, let inform me kindly, if you have time.