Help my wordpress theme is rejected

Hi. My wordpress theme have been rejected today. I am a beginner in themeforest and I want some help or advice to improve my theme.

I work hard on it about 4 monts and its a big shoke to be rejected after all of this.

Here is my theme:

Please help.

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My advice is change the theme typography and color contrast.

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Hello, i understand how frustrating it can be to have a rejected theme. Iam trying to be an author too as I uploaded my first item last week and still waiting for review. So my advice will be as short as my theme selling experience is.

  • Build solid design skills that match the market standard. Your theme actually lacks a lot of design polishing (unbalanced colors, bad typography, logos and imagery.

  • if you build a responsive theme, make it responsive and eliminate layout issues like I saw on my phone (mobile logo far too big)

  • gather lots of inspiration but don’t copy others work.

If you want, you can check my first submission (still waiting for review). I absolutely don’t have a clue about wether it will be rejected or not, but what I know is that I’ve put a lot of design effort into it.

My first item wich is currently in review process

Hope it helps.

EDIT: there is also a big issue on desktop in your theme, when you try to scroll to the copyright section of the footer, everything jumps. Seems like there is a glitch there.

Thank you verry much cssninjaStudio about your advise