Regarding WordPress Theme Rejection

Hello All,

I have tried 2-3 times to submit my WordPress theme but every time it gets rejected. I don’t know where the issue is and I don’t even understand why my theme is getting rejected again and again.

If anyone can help me to review my theme and give me a solution or response then it would be highly appreciated.

I am looking for a person who can check my theme and give me some feedback so that I can improve myself and avoid those mistakes again.

Also if anyone has any suggestion regarding the issue then it is also acceptable.

Yagyesh Sharma

You need to share the demo link

Hello @charlie4282

Please find the below url.

You have two accounts sharing this link - if you are submitting on more than one occasion and from different accounts then that is a quick way to being blocked.

Your link sets off our security as unsafe which could well be an issue in the review process

What we can see before it’s blocked:

  • the design feels very outdated
  • typography, spacing and hierarchy all needs considerable work
  • requires more modern and premium features, functionality etc.

Hello @charlie4282

Thanks for the info but we are not submitting this from two link. We (me & my friend) both have worked on this project together and we are trying to find some quick solution to be better.

So that we can work on that error part in our next project and submit it again without error.