Wordpress theme hard rejected. I'm confused.

Please look at my theme and give me a suggestion why it was rejected.

I showed the theme to the webdesigner and said it looks good. Nevertheless, Themeforest doesn’t want to accept it without giving any reason (though I asked for it in the commentary).
I’m frustrated because I have no idea what direction to go to improve the theme.
The reviewer didn’t provide the reason.



Your problem is with design. It’s really not good for Themeforest. If designer doesn’t see problems, change designer.

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Could you tell me what exactly is going on? Typography, colors, margins, or what? Thanks

Typography, colors, margins, awful drop shadows, blur icons, etc.

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@Fancy_Themes you can create new themes wordpress better professional maybe approved themeforest but this themes is hard rejected if you change colors, shadows, font, etc resubmit again will hard rejected. good luck, regards.

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The problem is that I completely do not see the reason for rejection. The theme seems cool to me, also for others.
It is difficult for me to create something new because lack of knowledge about the reason for rejection deprives motivation.

I’m working on spacing now.
First of all, my question is whether theme has the potential to get on themeforest after improving what you mentioned?

First thing you need to do is to remove the demos page because it’s really gives bad impression about your theme. Second thing focus only on one demo at this moment once you get soft reject work on the other demos too.

Your theme have major problems with everything spacing, typography, colors, images. If you can’t spot these problems then stop working on the theme take few days as a rest, and in these days look at the other portfolios theme in the market study at least 10 items.

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Thanks. This is a very good suggestion.

I created a new demo pages. Could you look and say if it good now? Thanks


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There needs to be more to it to distinguish the theme’s premium value, hierarchy and not just a compilation of stock elements

Needs quite a lot of work on mobile issues with display and responsiveness in places

Code has into the hundreds of validation errors

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Could you take a look at main demo page? Does it look good? Thanks.

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Now yes it’s better but need learning more.

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With repsect you are miles off the standard for here.

The Grid on the front page is nice but beyond there:

  • you really need to work on understanding hierarchy and site structure i.e. other pages, logical flow of content and assets etc.

  • the ‘elements’ seem (without going through them all) like a trimmed version of the Ultimate Addon’s standard features? You can’t rely on plugins and if you do use them then you really need to put a lot of effort into personalizing and styling them differently

  • there are also several elements which are really badly executed e.g. http://fancy-themes.com.pl/b/elements-flip-box/ bottom row typography is weak and the flip content is not properly aligned to the container OR http://fancy-themes.com.pl/b/elements-ihover/ all overlap each other when hovering over images. This may seem like little thing sbut it makes the theme look very unfinished, messy and lacking in effort/attention to detail

  • Still hundreds of validation errors

  • Lots and lots of issues with design and execution fundamentals like typography, spacing, consistency, hierarchy etc.