Need feedback on hard reject :(

Hi there,
in fact I didn’t expect this one to get hard-rejected.

check out the theme and let me know what you think about it.

did you check this
Let me know

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And also did you check your theme with envato theme check plugin

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Reviewer commented for my item

Your design has an interesting starting concept, but it needs significant improvements in terms of aesthetics and attention to details.

:frowning: give me some recommends

Themes do not get rejected cause of Validation errors or code errors or wrong methods. Themes get rejected at first cause of issues in Design layout, color schemes and most important typography.

This was my HTML >> in 2016 >>

when i tried to upload its WordPress theme i got same answer but not hard reject answer was improve the design to so they can start giving feedback after several similar rejections when i made this out of above html then it got approved. >>

Themeforest is Hard rejecting now more than soft rejects i think this is how they managed to reduce time of Queue.

See this PSD i submited last week was hard rejected let me know if you see any issue in it so i can improve it as well.

and i would suggest you to change your colors to blue and orange i think themeforest reviewers want these colors instead of checking the requirement. Each reviewer have different standards. Do some work with your typography and make it cool sky blue color type and it should go on.
please check my theme here and let me know…

Amazing Work bro. Your concept is very nice, and your work is much clean. You have issues of readability and visiblity in couple of places for example header navigation is not properly visible or readable when there is slider. Your slider idea is wonderful.

Your theme’s main issue is Typography please read latest theme’s Font sizes, Font families, line heights and Words spacings and letter spacing so you can implement them.

Images in your gallery are not good, try to use some good images

Images on few places are stretching out. like testimonials and gallery.

Your idea is nice but you have to do a lot of work to improve this theme in regards of Typography and visual hierarchy.

Thankyou Very Much for this Very Helpful reply i do all this changes and improve it as per your Guidence.
Is there any way where we can connect and what if i want to hire you for freelancer?

I like it! Looks delicate while gives a good first impression and persuades to scroll down, good job!

i see your comment this is for my theme did you like it?