Rejected theme reason

Hello authors got my theme rejected again, can you please show me the points why?
Please take a look

Actually you don’t understand the market Design. Please compare your product with the newest items approved in the marketplace then you itself reject your own item. I hope you will understand the market trends.

I can tell you a simple way to get accept is that your product should beat the newest product approved in the marketplace in terms of design.

Themeforest requires the design not your coding. if you fail in terms of design They will hard reject you. if you fail in the terms of coding they will soft reject you

I hope you will understand the marketplace

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I understand what you said.
But from our view it comprises all aspects to be a perfect theme. It may not be.
But the point is it takes months to prepare a theme and then how would we know that it gets the design is perfect or not.
Is there any way that we first get accepted our design and then we develop it

That’s what the UI Design (or PSD) category is for. Get your design approved over there, if it gets approved, there’s a chance that it won’t get rejected for design in theme/template versions.

It’s still not a guarantee for WP approval but that’s the safest way forward if you’re new to the market.
For your design, I can tell you that as is, it won’t get approved under PSD category too. Your best bet is a soft-reject.

This design which lacks uniqueness, also has major problems with basic design practices such as typography, spacing & visual hierarchy. On top of that your imagery & iconography game is weak too, atleast for themeforest. This needs major improvements.

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Thank you, now i got it
I had one more question, can you guide me on how can i get approval my psd template if i am making a landing page.
Also if i am a developer, then how can i avail a aprroved design for development.