Can anyone tell me why they think this track got rejected?

i am bitterly disappointed that another one of my tracks was rejected. I tried really hard on this one and once again got knocked back. The worse thing is i don’t really know why so could you guys help me out and give me your thoughts.

thank you


Hey JTJ!

Your track is interesting, but I’m not really sure what it is. It’s a bit unusual, and doesn’t really fall into any traditional category of stock. You’ve got this really aggressive drum beat, but then some melancholy acoustic guitar and a very meandering melody played out on some sad bells. I would try to stick more within one theme or idea. Try and choose a sound for each song and then make sure every instrument you add contributes to that particular sound instead of taking away from it or pulling it in another direction. You don’t want fighting thematic ideas. I’m not currently even sure what genre this was submitted to.

There are probably some mix/master issues that could be resolved as well, but I think honing down a slightly more stock-oriented sound is the most important thing you could do at the moment.

Good luck!

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As gutted as i am i really appreciate you taking the time to give me feedback. I come from a songwriter background so i believe im realising that stock music is completely different writing style.

In regards to future posts is it best to use this forum to post potential tracks and see what the community thinks of it? They could also help with the genre as i struggle with that

Yeah that’s a really odd piece of music, I’m not surprised it was rejected. I echo all of the great comments made by @SethKL

Best of luck with your next track, maybe next time post a link here in the forum first so we can give you some advice, that way you may not have to deal with a rejection? I’m more than happy to have a listen, when you post just tag me and I’ll take a listen.


Yeah, shifting from writing songs to writing stock can be difficult. Just remember that here, originality is like salt. Without any of it, everything becomes bland, but too much and it all becomes inedible.

Always feel free to post tracks here for feedback! There used to be a soundcloud group dedicated to that, but I’m not sure if it’s still around or not.

A good exercise for learning is to try and recreate one of the top selling tracks of whatever genre you want to write for in your own studio, and try to make it sound as identical as possible. It’s a great exercise for learning production and really feeling how the songs are put together. It’s the same as learning a song on guitar or piano. You can figure it out just by listening, but actually playing it gives you so much more information.

Good luck in the future!

The salt analogy made my morning :smile: I was going to give that method a go this weekend for practise. I knocked another track out last week that i will pop on here and tag you guys to let me know what you think.

All the best

Thank you for the advice BlueSkyAudio. I will put another track up today.

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