Tracks were rejected. Need Your help

Hello! We are new to the Audio Jungle. 2 our tracks were rejected (hard), so support advised me to ask help on the forum.
Please, write your ideas: why tracks are rejected and what should we do to make it better.

Thank you! Here are the tracks:

Inspiration and success to everyone!

Hi Andycon!

I listened to both tracks - nice work. There are however a few things that don’t work so well and could possibly be reasons for rejection.

First track: the string patches sound very ‘MIDI’ and a little unrealistic, though in this context I think it’s partly due to how they sit in the mix. Try bringing down the 2-5Khz range so they sound less sharp. The whole track is quite loud and could be brought down with less hard compression - it’s a very “hot” sounding track for this genre. The drums are particularly loud and could be placed further back in the mix for depth. Finally, I would change the string and flute phrases to be a little more melodic and less dissonant sounding - I’ve noticed that dissonance isn’t regarded very highly for stock music, and in this case I feel the melodies are a bit too ‘confronting’ for a general purpose stock track.

Second track: you’re on the right track with this one, but there’s room for improvement. Firstly, the drums sound quite plasticky and almost too ‘punchy’ for the steady flow of the track - try bringing them down a bit and maybe use a different kit. The strings sound a little unrealistic here, so either try something else or bring them to the background of the mix. The main problem I have with the track is the drums. With a more steady rhythm and less intense samples, it would be a big improvement. The track is also a little repetitive and doesn’t really introduce anything overly interesting after the introduction. The ending is also quite abrupt - try ending with a gentle cymbal crash and a piano + string conclusion on the tonic.

Hope this helps and good luck :wink:


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James, thank you very much for your help! =)))

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