Feedback for rejected track

Hi all,

I recently submitted a track to Audio Jungle that was rejected. As usual, the feedback was entirely unhelpful (hrdr? what does that mean?), and I would love some feedback on why this track might have been rejected. I feel that the track is just fine, but obviously there’s some reason it was rejected, and I’d like to get better at this moving forward. Maybe it just sounds too much like other compositions?

Here is the track:

Thanks for any help!

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The very first thing that comes is muddy/crowded sound of background pad, which is not background at all. There is also too much reverb, it resonates on some freq which makes song very unpleasing, and what is even worse it’s goes trough whole song. I think some drums on drumkit is clipping a bit, makes them not pleasing too (0:56). Damn it’s even painful to listen more that 2 min. At least there is some cool melody and arrangement laying behind all of this, so if properly mixed that’s could be a nice song :smiley: Anyway, cheers mate! :wink:

Hey SpitfireProduction,

Thanks for the feedback!

Do you think the pad sound should have changed? Or just been pulled back?

When you say there is too much reverb, do you mean on any instrument in particular, or just on the track as a whole?

I guess it’s probably a personal preference when it comes to the mix and drums…I did clip a few of the drums on purpose, but I probably went too far. I suppose for this type of music/genre/Audio Jungle in general, the mix styles are different than if it were for just a regular music production

Thanks again for your feedback. Very helpful!

Totally agree with you about drums, it’s just a matter of taste and all i’m saying is just my opinion.
Anyway, i guess that pad should fit well if it will be quieter or different pad that could survive being pushed that much, it’s just a matter of what work/sounds good. Pad and guitar just falling on each other (which is not bad) but it’s hard to tell, what reverb it is. Maybe main guitar delay/reverb is just right, can’t say for sure. There is almost something rather odd on 0:09 did you notice that? You need to deal with those artifacts. Well i guess before submit you need to listen carefully to your tracks, use different devices, if you got monitors, try to go outside the room and listen from there. Sloppy mixes will definitely being rejected. Good luck man! :wink:


Thanks again for taking the time to listen. I really appreciate it.

We have a couple sets of monitors at the studio that I use to check, but it’s always a good reminder to add a few more listening setups to my checklist. I had another friend tell me that the pad was too loud. I guess I was using it to cover up my guitar playing that I felt insecure about :slight_smile:

I can totally understand something like that needing to be addressed…but if it was something as easy as just pulling back something in the mix, I would think it wouldn’t be hard rejected. But maybe AJ is just being flooded with so many submissions that they just don’t have time to really do anything beyond a thumbs up/down. I know I’m not the only one who struggles with trying to understand what they are looking for.

Anyways…back to the drawing board! Thanks again for your input!

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Nice track!
Try to make this track more clean)

Hey Infraction,

Thanks for the feedback! Could you elaborate a little more what you mean by making the track more clean? Does it sound too muddy? Are the drums, as SpitfireProduction suggested, to overdriven?

Thanks again!

I think, that your truck needs more high frequencies)
Try to use more compression, saturation and eq!

I think, that after that your track will more clean and bright)

I’m sure that after mixing you’ll be approved!

I also think that mixing and reverb have been the main reason for the reject.

I found out that it’s always a good idea to finish a song and let it rest for some days. Then I check my mix with fresh ears and compare it to other productions before uploading.

Escpecially if youre both - the composer and producer - this will help you so much, I guaranty!