Feedback for rejected tracks

Hi all!
I recently submitted a track to Audio Jungle that was rejected. I would love some feedback on why this track might have been rejected. I feel that the track is just fine, but obviously there’s some reason it was rejected, and I’d like to get better at this moving forward. Can you help me guys,to understand what the problem can be with those song ?
Here is the track :
Thanks for any help!

I heard two broblems.

1 Arragement is very the same, must be some story in the track
2 in my opinion, piano also without living, try to work with velocity, for feel of live play

Good luck :wink:

the idea is good, when the song progresses the idea turns a little bit better but:

  1. you must use virtual instruments more realistic or record real ones

  2. does’nt have any mastering you must put more effort in that

  3. the endind doesn’t match with the song work on that

  4. tends to be a little bit boring move a littel bit your idea.

Keep doing it :wink:

Thank you!

Thank you! I’ll try to make it better