This item was rejected, need feedback. Thank you!

Hello. What could be the reason for the rejection of this track? Thanks for the constructive answers.

Hello everyone again!
Already a day has passed, but there are still no answers.
Anyone explain to me what my mistake is?
What is the problem of rejection: bad structure, bad arrangement, a lot of superfluous played? Maybe the problem is in sound quality (mixing and mastering)?
Maybe everything is so bad that there is nothing to talk about, so everyone is silent?
I’m confused…

Hey MrAlex! It’s a pretty sounding ambient song, but there are some issues that I think perhaps could have led to a rejection. Just my personal thoughts, so take it all with a grain of salt.

An overarching issue throughout the song is a lack of cohesiveness with some the sounds you are using. Particularly the guitar solo towards the end, but also the piano solo in the middle. To me, these ideas are just a bit too specific for the sound, which is otherwise very ambient and relaxing and beautiful. Since this is a stock piece, generally you just want everything to fit into a more generic idea, if that makes sense. I would focus more on building a more cohesive theme that the whole track is centered around, and then just playing around with that theme. When you bring in these sorts of very specific ideas to a track it generally loses some value as a stock piece and becomes a lot more niche. Not necessarily a problem for a song, but it can sometimes be a problem for stock music.

Another issue I have is the string sounds. They are too one-note and don’t sound super realistic. When you have them as such a loud and integral part of your piece they need to sound perfect, and in this, they don’t always. Sometimes they sound fine, but other times they are too artificial. This is especially noticeable for the string part that starts around 1:07.

Overall, I do think this is a very pretty track, but the general theme and feel are lost at times due to some of the instrumentation and arrangement elements you have chosen.

Hopefully, some of this is helpful. I wish you the best of luck in the future! Cheers!


Many thanks for the feedback. Internally, I understand what you are saying, but when I start to compose, my ideas overwhelm my mind … unfortunately. I realized that I had to restrain myself and approach the writing of stock music with a “cooler head” :).
Thank you for criticizing the strings - I will definitely take into account.
I also want to hear wishes addressed to mastering. Is everything correct in the balance of frequencies (bass, middle, high)?

Hi @MrAlexPrim, I think your mix is pretty good! I would make sure to put a low cut on any instrument tracks that aren’t supposed to be in the bass register to clean up any muddy bass frequencies at 150hz or less. Good luck!

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@singhstudio Thanks you. From your post, I realized that the reviewer had no complaints about the mix and mastering of the track. Probably the reason for the reject lies in the fact that the track is very stretched and has many different parts. Therefore, it is unsuitable for use in advertising. Unfortunately. And this is already happening for a whole year with me … I have to hold on to my “sick” imagination while writing the arrangement.
I think to leave the introduction and the first part, and then add on it variations and finish. And this will be enough for a monotonous background music. Maybe in this form the arrangement will be approved. What do you think?

Hi @MrAlexPrim - don’t put a hold on your imagination, it’s your best asset!

My advice would be to go to and listen to similar tracks in this genre that are live on AudioJungle or other sites. Sit down with a pen and paper and write notes as you listen - write down what makes each section unique or different. What a buyer might use it for. How the different sections of the song could be edited and used in different ways. How the song makes you feel. Then apply what you’ve written to your own track! I use this approach a bit when I get stuck on an arrangement. It helps with perspective. Remember - this type of music is about function! Make each section of your song useful in some way to your potential buyer!


Hi, @singhstudio, @SeththeHuman, thank you very much for the feedbacks. I think that I understood everything. I am going to WORK FURTHER!

I really love your sounds, they are living!
emotional stuff with deep strings. woow man! I think this is almost an author work, the combination of chords are well constructed, nice piano here, really great… I can’t se a real problem of composition, neither mixing… it’s a really cool piece, but as before I just said, it has the complexity of a author’s song, maybe the curator thought that this piece is too complex and elaborated for a stock music library.
I listen guitars, really cool, but maybe you are introducing some distracting elements for a background function… most of AJ stuff should work as a backround.
congrats, I enjoyed your piece a lot! very inspiring… but so prominent and great.
I try to have some balance in my compositions, I know is hard to do, but I feel you have to find your own “equilibrium” between creativity and functionality… :smiley:
Congratulations and good luck for future approvals! :wink:

Thank you very much :frowning:
After such a post I want to shout: why rejection?
But I understand why. It’s a pity. After all, I have already prepared a video track for a promo. There is nature: mountains, sea and more …
I wanted to post on YouTube… But I will post! Now the track is in line on another stock. If they accept it, I’ll post the video right away and start advertising.
Thanks again for feedback, good luck too!

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your music lives by itself :slight_smile: read again the words of our friend @singhstudio : this type of music is about function! Make each section of your song useful in some way to your potential buyer!
It’s all about a balance between creativity and functionality. you are plenty of creativity… and you have to seek some balance with functionality. :smiley: … and I’m very sure you are veeeeeeery capable of that! you quality deserves it! :wink:


@audiolfiles Thank you once again for the words of support. They give me confidence that I will break through!

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Too much of everything.

Thanks, I already understood.
I need to be guided more often by the principle: brevity is the sister of talent.

Make track more montage-friendly(or flexible). What it means? More separate sections and transitions between them. With music-kit menthality. The track is 3:43(too long). It has no any notable transitions. This makes your track very difficult to cut by sections. Or make 1-minute, 45-seconds, 30 and 15 seconds versions. Broadcast lengths for: openers, idents, ads. Good luck!

P.S. Great guitars, Mark Knophler on tha house!

@pilotaudio Thanks for the good advice, I will take everything into account.
Special thanks for comparing with Mark Knophler! But I really played with my fingers and nails. So really it turns out great sound.

I was sure that this track would be accepted, so I made a video for it. Now it is (video) laid out on YouTube, but in music there is a watermark of another audio stock that accepted music for sale. Can I post a link to this video here? It is not prohibited? I will not be banned?

It is restricted to promote other platforms on Envato.