Rejected my item



After about 10 days in review que, I submitted a tracks ass you see and it was reject. Here it is, I’d love some feedback:

Thank you!


Hi! Most track does not meet the criteria specified section Composition & Arrangement.
But the track is good for use in narrow specializations


I think it’s a nice ambient track but perhaps the monotony of the string drone is what the reviewer is reacting to. The track doesn’t evolve musically and that might be what is getting you the rejection. There’s nothing wrong with it musically but perhaps more sophisticated execution is needed.

Adding a little (and subtle) musical complexity throughout might help bring the track to life - something to add interest and evolution to the drone throughout the piece. I can only hear two parts currently - the synth strings and electric piano. I think you have plenty of scope to bring in additional instrumentation should you want to.

You might consider a version with light percussion so the track could work in non-ambient applications. Just a thought. I think with some work you might be able to get it across the line. Good luck :slight_smile:


Thank you!


hi Gtraif as for me i am not an expert in music, i like your track, i just tent to believe that adding a bit variation in one or two small parts would pull your work to the next level and break the bit linear side of your track, but in any event i like this music :wink:


Thank you!


I actually like the idea, but maybe it’s comercially too unappealing. It does sound really 80’s.


I’m not expert, so let me tell my orinion just as a fan of Robert Rich and Tetsu Inoue :slight_smile: It’s good song, but as said above, it sounds dated. I’d said, dated for about 20 years. It well may be the point for hard rejection. It feels so because your timbres are completely static. Let some parameters be permanently floating with automation: filters, ring modulation, phasing or any your imagination can get.
For sure it will help to open the song, make it much more deep and catchy and make the dawn be bright, colorful and full of hopes :slight_smile:

Good luck.


Thank you very much!


JBlanks rights!Good luck!


Thank you!


Thank You for your understanding and for participating! Here are some changes. How well to judge You and the buyer. Thank you very much!