Authors releasing updates as new products - Y Envato abandoning customers

I am a developer (my work/boss buys many plugins here in this market place), I often recommend purchases here, stock photo, scripts. So, I have a right to report this and

Envato needs to support its community of customers

I want to report Authors are skirting around support and help,

  1. they release the same product with a different name
  2. they release updates as a new product

This author behavior and Envato looking the other way, erodes confidence in Envato as a market place [please do not call out users on the forums]


Unfortunately your problems are one of a long list of other ones related to last years. As author I provide only quality items but I damaged by authors like these the saturate the market with bad softwares. Envato toke the decisione to abandon any control but this cause a very big downgrade of quality and also authors like me are downgrade the quality of their products to maintain a good earning in relation to the time spent.


I work at a shared work place, and we often have meetups.

The general feedback has been that Envato is tightening the terms on the customers, for e.g. you cannot use a theme on a Saas app. But when my company first made purchases this restriction was not there, and if you buy from other marketplaces this restriction does not exist.

In the long run its better for the author as his name gets out there and more bugs are ironed out. For e.g. we buy only from authors we trust, and are helpful.

Envato needs to stop authors from republishing items via the backdoor, with minor updates and name changes. There has to be a significant change in the product to relist it.

The risk for both Envato and the author is that, people will then opt to download the plugins from 3rd party sites!!