2018 Lower quality coding and authors with disrespectful behavior.


Quit some years member now of Envato and always enjoy looking around and buy items here.

But this year is different, normally the products are from pretty good standards and authors willing to help.

Now code quality is going backwards and the aditude of some the authors is like WAUW how is it possible that you are selling on Envato.

The are rude, flagging comments just because you state on the respectful way your opinion or ask a pre sales question and real support, maybe when you are lucky.

While products are released full of bugs.

Most of all nothing is getting done about it, leaving myself asking what is going on Envato, that is not the Envato I know from when I just started, what happen…?

Curious if any one has the same experience or opinion, if we do not let Envato and authors know they can not fix it.

With the best regards


As an author I’ve been saying this for some time now. The quality of the plugins is getting worse and worse most of the approved stuff I don’t even understand what it dose and I am a developer not to mention the quality and design.

Is sad to see the standard this days compared with what it used to be…

Heya mate! I’m terribly sorry to hear about your experience! You can however rest assured that Envato does indeed have your back! If you notice any product that slips the review queue with bugs or you’re disrespected as a buyer by the author or even as a user for reporting bugs you can and should always report them to support using Envato Help and Support.

A reviewer will be assigned to that item and it will get disabled if your reports pan out correct.

We appreciate and love feedback from buyers, especially when their intention is to increase the quality of products.


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Hi Enabled

Wish your word are true but have to say see the opposite and to be honest I am a little disappointed.

6 years member on Envato purchased over a 100 items and I realy hope Envato will step up and start cleaning!!


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Respectable authors will respect their portfolios and customers. Others will die off… if the items are under the quality standards worthy of the market mate, you can always report them! :slight_smile:

Much love your way for the 6 years of business (:champagne: here’s to 60 more ). Envato can’t step in without the help of awesome buyers like yourself! Always report buggy and problematic items mate!


PS: Disrespectful behavior from authors is a clause for termination on the market. If an author insults you, always, and I mean always get in touch with support! This is not and will never be tolerated! :slight_smile:

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