How can I report an author?

An author in codecanyon made false promises about major and critical updates in his plugin. Also he is one the biggest liars I’ve ever seen. His promises and words are like politicians. When the buyers got angry from his unprofessional behaviour they started making negative reviews. After that he started blackmailing the buyers to submit 5 start review to send them via email the updated version. And after many “positive” reviews he submitted the plugin in Envato. Also many of the features of the description are fake, just for the “wow this must be a good and advanced plugin”. The code is just a mess and full of bugs. Whenever you activate it, it’s gonna show errors. Also the author for simple and NORMAL functions, redirect the buyers for custom work to some partners of him.

Anyway, 90% of the positive reviews of the plugin are fake because the buyers FORCED to. They were waiting for the update for over a year and their websites were full of bugs.

So here is the thing. The author is making money right now because of the fake positive reviews and many future buyers will get disappointed and lose time and money.


Disclaimer: I’m an envato user for many years and also a fellow developer. I don’t use to write reviews like this or to report authors BUT the specific author crossed the limits.

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Hey @hambos22 you can report any such behavior to us via this link. Please be sure to also include any screenshots you deem relevant, as well as a clear explanation of what was promised and how the item you’re referring to fails to deliver on said functionality. The team will then be able to look into it for you :slight_smile: Thanks!

Thanks @contrastblack for your response. I just submitted a full report with links and screenshots. If you want anything else more detailed please tell me and I’ll try to give you evidence.

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Thank you! The team will get back to you via the ticket :thumbsup:

@hambos22: you can give theme review 5 stars to get update, after that you can change your review and rate. You can post his account to here for more customer know

Calling out authors on the forums is against the community guidelines.
So please do not post any accounts here.

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I wouldn’t anyway post his name or plugin here. I prefer the Envato team to act accordingly.

I am glad people are speaking up about authors. I posted another issue about authors, reselling updates as new products and abandoning previous purchases - feels like ripoff and a let down

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I think Envato must clean some authors… Many plugins are outdated since years and people still buy those. Authors don’t answer on comments and many other bad attitude. In Advanced Wordpress group in Facebook (29K members) many users believe that Envato became a marketplace full of monkey code and unreliable. We need much better buyer protection. And a “report author/item” button somewhere to find it easy.

In my case the plugin which I’m talking about has about 1100 sells and 1700 comments. What I mean with that? Every single user who bought that plugin, wrote a comment depending on a problem.

What’s worth more? Some bad authors or the buyers?

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I have something similar at my workplace. They bought the plugins, and because I don’t get support from the authors; I am deeper in the hole.

I have to spend time not only integrating, but then troubleshooting their buggy stuff. Its my a** on the line, because I picked the component thinking it would help me get work done faster.

I have worked at 6 different places over 8 yrs, and this is very consistent of the authors. Some address the issues, other take them as ideas, but most have no clue, or copied a 3rd party open source, slightly added something on top and resold it.

The worst case is when they keep reselling the same component under different names - I can point to a few authors.

Well I’m very dissapointed because I still didn’t get any answer for my ticket… It’s better to pay a couple hundred bucks more to buy a premium 3rd party plugin and have a quality service than buying from Envato again… From here I’ll buy only the top selling items

Try to reach through their twitter handler to speed the status of your ticket. They respond their as well.

Well they reached back to me and after a week I sent them an email to inform me about the progress of my report. No answer. The author STILL continue asking for 5stars review for sending another one version private via email to the desperate buyers.

Thanks envato and congratulations. I’m out.

not really in some case some buyers also abuse of comment section by asking 25 simple question in 25 different comment post i see that often and sometime have to ask my own buyers to not do it on my item comment section.


question 1 " how you change the color "
question 2 " how you make a admin "
etc etc

even if i writed a book about my script that explain everything in details.

Then no i do not think amount of comment really reflect amount of problem.

I’m reopening this topic for the following reasons

The author still promises for updates since months ago, with bugs which need to be fixed and he still continue to redirect customers to private solutions.

The envato team did absolutely nothing. The marketplace here became a huge junk place. Not caring about the customers and the quality of products at all. I ended up building my own custom solution but the trust gone. I prefer buying a 200$ premium 3rd party theme rather than buying something from here again. No protection at all.

At least people behind the customer support, could answer on my report and tell me what their decision was (as any professional service would do).

I really hope that the situation in the future will change. Be careful envato… Your reliability in the professional dev world is on the bottom (go and see opinions on many top dev related facebook groups or forums).

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