How to handle an author that is promoting his competing solution on my platforms/networks?!

Hi guys,

I think there are some unwritten and ethical rules how we should respect and treat ourselves. I have an own Facebook Group for my Fancy Product Designer solution. Today one of my employee who is also in the Facebook group got a message of the co-founder of a competing product designer solution which is sold on codecanyon. In this message he is promoting his solution and the today sale discount for his solution. I even noticed some spams in the last weeks in my FB group about this solution.

How would you guys handle this behaviour?

While it might suck, I don’t think you can do much here. Maybe report his posts to Facebook?

You may also want to read Envato author agreement carefully, maybe they don’t allow such advertising, so you can report author. But I doubt it will be considered as violation of TOS.

Facebook groups comes with enough privacy settings. You may choose to approve post before they are displayed to the members of the group.