Author Commission reduced to 30% from 60%


Today I noticed that I am getting less amount of money per sale. It is almost near to 30%. I supposed to get 60% per sale.

Is it a bug or envato changed their policies?

Probably something to do with the support thing. There should be two lines, one for the item and one for the included support… it probably looks like you’re just getting 30% if you only count the item line, but it will be 60% if you include the support line. Or something like that.

support thing is applicable on themeforest items only. I am getting less commission on graphicriver items.

Ah right. Not that then! I think we’d know about it if they had reduced the commission rate by 50% so I guess it must be a bug. Or you’re being punished for something. Maybe the dude or duddette who programs in the commission rates has a severe hatred for aviator sunglasses and red t-shirts, and they are punishing you. Unlikely, but you never know.

Bets to get in touch with support.

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Raised the ticket. But no hope of getting any reply from support before ten days. So no idea what to do. I am loosing my money :frowning:

If there is a mistake, I’m sure you’ll get it back, and there’s two weeks until the next withdrawal calculations, so they should have it fixed by then. Good luck!

Hi @loveishkalsi! Have a look at this thread first:

Price Changes for Fonts, Add-Ons and Presentation Templates

I suspect that you’re not taking into the account how prices are now controlled on GraphicRiver (for some categories that you sell in). For the affected categories, your commission is no longer a percentage and you have to take into account the fixed buyer fee. The good news is that you can now control/change your own prices accordingly however. :thumbsup:

Again, have a read of the article/link above, I suspect it will help explain what’s going on. Hope this helps! :smile:

Hi Scott,

Thanks for your reply. Now I can understand the reason for low commission.

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hi, what about for exclusive authors then?