40% commission?


I’m hoping that you might clarify what’s happening with my earnings. I used to be an author in ThemeForest a few years ago (2011 ~ 2012) and around that time I was earning 52% per sale that I made.

I recently submitted a new item that’s currently selling for 15$ and I don’t understand how I can only be making 40.3% per sale?

I believe my tax information is updated (I’m not a US citizen). Any help is appreciated!


You’re getting $7.15 of the list price, which is 47.66% of the list price. However, you’re getting 65% of the item price, which is correct based on somebody who was getting 52% previously.

The reason you’re getting 47.66 percent now rather than 52% is due to author driven pricing…

As for your tax, you’re getting 10% withheld. That means you’ve filled in a W8 with the relevant tax ID. If you hadn’t, then you’d be getting 30% withheld instead.

@SpaceStockFootage Thanks a lot for the answer! Great to know that it could be worst. Will I be getting back those 10%? I’m going to look into ADP, but I’m not sure if I’m going to increase my item price even more, it’s not worth more than it’s already selling for and I don’t want to kill my sales!