Author Rates? How much do you actually get for a $40 blog theme

Hello All,

I am trying to figure out how much money the author actually gets for selling a $40 wordpress theme on themeforest I have been on their authors ratings page but it is confusing. How much of the $40 is the buyers fee and then whatever is left envato charge 37.5% I presume.

If there are any wordpress theme developers out there that know how much you actually get from $40 I would appreciate the info.



If they’re an exclusive author and they’ve sold less than $3,750 then they get 50% of the total price. The commission rate goes up by 1% every time they earn another $3,750 to a maximum of 70%

If the author is non-exclusive, then they get 36%, which doesn’t increase based on earnings.

Ok, Thanks for that, little confusing with the buyers fee part.