Item Earning

How much money author get from selling its item on themeforest ?
I have an item and its price is 14$ when someone purchase my item, I only get 6.5$ dollars
is that usual? or I am missing something ?

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Yes, 50% around when starting, with fees etc is normal

You’re an elusive author who has sold less than $3750, so you get 62.5% of the item price (list price minus buyer’s fee). You’ll have set the item price of the item when submitting it, and you can see it in the edit tab on your item page. You’ll then have any applicable taxes deducted from that, which could be from 0 to 30% of the item price.

Take a look at your statement page… green is money in, red is money out for fees and orange is money out for taxes.

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In the end with transfer fees, exchange fees(maybe), local taxes your real revenue will ~4$ or even less… Ehh…