@Envato: 30÷ commission for support fee is too much compared to the effort you do



@Envato: we appreciated the fact of creating a new revenue stream for authors but at the end of the day you’re charging 30÷ commission without really doing much, in addition the CRM facilities offered by Envato are a bit poor (TF FAQ doesn’t provide any search/ filter facility), PMs are not filterable per item ( when you have 50 items in your portfolio and you receive a PM this requires manual filtering one by one when working in team this is not very useful it simply ads more work to the existing workflow), the API of Envato doesn’t directly allow to reply to comments from the mail + there’s no option to send a private tf comment ( so when a customer needs to share his credentials he’s being asked to register on a third party site and provide his purchase code… which is quite annoying and end up making the customwr angry because they tend to say "we bought the item here on themeforest we expect to receive support here)

so a reasonable commission rate for support fee would be 10÷ max for Envato unless if some more woek is being done with after sale service facilities

Looking forward to receiving your feedback

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They’re using this new revenue stream to help develop more author tooling. It will come. This stuff takes time.