Confusing statement, need explanation

Hello fellow authors,

Today we received first sale after new support system implementation. However, I am very confused of what I see in my statement.

Our commission rate is 53%
Item price is $26
Support extension is $7.80

Total money we received from this purchase is $13.87 which is just a 53% of total sale, but we haven’t received money for purchased support extension which should be $5.46.

Also, why is Author Fee for included support sale $2.63 (33.7% instead of 30%) ?

I would be very thankful if someone could explain these numbers to me.

Kind regards,
Nikola R.
Diwave Coders

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The first problem is, why first 6 months included to item without to be a little extra price?
We had our items before support method with x price, now we have the same items with support with the same price.

So as i understand, any support, simple or extend support is between envato and buyers.

We are the machines! I can’t understand more about the new method.
Maybe there is some specialist here to give a better answer… : -)

Check discussion at here: